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    Global Procedure Designer

    ?The Company’s Global Procedure Designer (GPD) has unique capabilities that safely reduce the costs of designing and maintaining instrument flight procedures. Evaluated and selected by the U.S. Air Force for its safety, usability, and productivity, GPD is currently in use by more than 200 design specialists operating at over 100 locations around the world.

    GPD-generated flight procedures have the potential to reduce fuel burn, cut emissions, and improve airspace capacity, efficiency, and safety.

    Safety: GPD is backed by a certification regime of more than 50,000 test cases explicitly testing every one of the nearly 14,000 criteria statements in TERPS, PANS-OPS, and NATO.

    Usability: GPD is a Windows™-based expert system designed and built explicitly to support procedure designers and their workflow, with local databases of aeronautical and geospatial data for their specific area of interest. GPD includes an integrated Esri™ GIS for data and design visualization, using a comprehensive range of raster and vector map overlays.

    Productivity: GPD includes powerful features targeted directly at improving productivity in the procedure maintenance phase that typically represents up to 80% of total life cycle costs.