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    Automated Charting and Encoding

    ?The Company's Automated Charting and Encoding (ACE) solution automatically transforms digital flight procedures into interactive, publication-quality aeronautical charts. Designed by aeronautical charting and encoding experts, ACE transforms operations through a dramatic reduction in the time and cost required to generate aeronautical charts and ARINC encodings. The speed, simplicity and power of ACE were drivers in the U.S. Department of Defense decision to implement it as the standard for automated aeronautical chart generation.

    Changing the manually-intensive Flight Information Publication (FLIP) paradigm with automatic generation of interactive digital content targeted for use on mobile devices, ACE delivers some important advantages over traditional processes and outputs:

    Agility: ACE generates chart products in as little as a few seconds directly from source data, without human intervention. If the underlying aeronautical data changes, the product can be very rapidly regenerated and redistributed to end-users.

    Configurability: ACE has ability to generate and save multiple chart formats as standard outputs.

    Portability: Electronic chart products generated by ACE are browser-based using open, highly portable scalable vector graphics (SVG) and JavaScript that require minimal custom code to support a variety of browsers and mobile iOS™, Windows™, and Android™ devices.

    Simplicity: ACE ingests instrument flight procedure and supplementary data to automatically produce publication-quality charts. Linking to procedure design data eliminates errors in transcription or interpretation and dramatically simplifies the workflow and maintenance requirements.